man and woman wearing wedding clothes hugging at sunset. There is a waterfall behind them and golden sunlight coming from above.

do something you'll never regret...

~ Embrace a wedding day filled with intention and meaning ~

Couple wearing wedding clothes are walking through a glen at blue hour holding lanterns. There are mountains and mist around them.
Man and woman holding hands stood on a mountain ridge overlooking the mountains

Eloping gives you the freedom to...

be yourselves

Man and woman hugging whilst sat on a large rock wearing wedding clothes. There are dark clouds and mountains behind them.

Instead of saying your vows in front of a crowd of people, imagine the only guests being the sounds of nature in an awe-inspiring place.

This way, you can be present and focus on what matters most - you.

It removes the stress of a 'big' wedding, so your day is

Man and woman wearing wedding clothes hugging each other on a large rock with dark clouds and mist surrounding them



By embracing your values and who you really are, deep down, you can have an experience that's not just more 'you', but soul-nourishing too.

Why Elope?

Your elopement can be the most meaningful, intimate, and soul-nourishing experience of your life. And the best thing is, you’re in complete control and have the freedom to decide how and where you want it to happen.

Imagine a day where you can escape the frenzy of everyday life. Instead, immerse yourselves in one of the world’s most alluring landscapes as you bear your souls to one another.

Hi, I'm David

portrait selfie of scotland elopement photographer on the Isle of Skye

I know what it’s like to say 'no way' to a big wedding.

Not only am I eloping, but I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the transformative power a deep and meaningful elopement experience has on couples.

An elopement isn’t an ‘insignificant’ wedding or an afterthought. It’s an intentionally small and intimate wedding day. It strips back the ‘fluff’ of a big wedding, so you can have a soul-nourishing experience that honours your relationship. No chaos, expectations, or drama.

I’m here to capture those timeless memories, so that, in 10 years or 10 months from now, you’ll look back and be immersed in the feeling of your day.


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Kind words

From a couple who trusted me to guide, plan, and capture their elopement adventure in Scotland


"You're not just hiring a great photographer with're hiring a great human"

"I fell in love with David’s photos online but it’s really his genuinely kind and funny personality, his passion for his work, and his humility that made our elopement the best day ever. The environment he created for us is what made them feel effortlessly romantic. My advice for couples: you're not just hiring a great photographer with David, you're hiring a great human"

- Chelsea & Hunter -

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Scotland Elopement planning guides

Isle of Skye Elopement Guide

How to Elope in Scotland

The ultimate guide to kick-start your Scotland elopement adventure.

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Man and woman wearing wedding clothes walking along a ridge with dark storm clouds above them. The man is leading the woman behind him.

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