Hi, I'm David

Named one of the 30 Rising Stars of wedding photography in the world by New York's Rangefinder Magazine.

Hi, I'm David and I live on the Isle of Skye in Scotland with my beautiful wife, Orie, and our twin girls, Eisa and Reina.

My passion lies in helping you craft a wedding experience focussed on honouring your love in a way that's true and honest.

Let's Connect

So, why do I shoot elopements?

Is it the sense of adventure? The thrill of running against a bracing wind? The freedom to roam and explore? Well, it's all of those, but much more.

I shoot elopements because I value experiences over things.

When my wife and I were deciding how to get married, we never quite felt like there was a 'place' for us in the traditional mould. You know, a packed room, eyes focussed on you, being the centre of attention. Whilst those things aren't bad, they weren't us.

When we stumbled upon elopements, we knew we'd found a way to celebrate our love and connection in a way that we could be ourselves. We had full control over what we wanted and didn't.

Our elopement truly was a transformative experience that we look back on with nothing but unbridled love.

I shoot elopements because I want to show you how you can have that too.


An Ode to my dad

The truth is, I can't say that I was ever 'madly' in love with photography. I didn't pick up a camera until 2015. But, it came to me at a pivotal point in my life.

My Dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2016. Now he was madly in love with photography. I bought my first camera to spend more time with him, doing what he loved. And the passion bit.

Unfortunately, he passed away not long after that, but his passing gift to me was all of his gear. I spend the first couple of years going out by myself shooting landscapes. I found peace and stillness in the grief and, the truth is, photography saved my life.

When I pick up a camera, it's much more than just that. It's a way of honouring my Dad and keeping that dialogue with him open.

Man wearing wedding suit is spraying champagne over a woman wearing a white wedding dress.


A passion for people and places

After shooting landscapes for a couple of years, my wife and I found out we were going to have twins! That was a shock if ever there was one.

But, it forced me to look inward and to see what kind of life I wanted for them. What type of Dad and person I wanted to be.

I knew the camera had to be involved. So, I put up an advert online to shoot a wedding for free. To feel it out, to see if I liked it.

And what I discovered was a passion for people. For connections, moments, and memories. I was addicted. I quickly realised I wanted to shoot outdoors, where I felt at home. That's where elopements came in.

Not long after, my wife and I moved from Newcastle to the Isle of Skye and, well, the rest is history.

Being invited to capture wedding days and hand those memories back to be cherished forever is a real honour.

Are you ready to begin your journey?