This is not just a job for me.

I'm here to help you have the experience of a lifetime.

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Hi, I'm David


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I'm more than just your photographer...

I'm in this for you.

I bring so much more to your elopement journey than two cameras and a backpack.

I bring a tonne of passion, experience, and love, to make your elopement one of the most meaningful, intimate, and soul-nourishing experiences of your life.

So, let's chat and open the floodgates to possibility.

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I believe in the transformative power of eloping.

The wedding industry can often feel overwhelming, with the expectation to invite 100+ people to one of the most significant days of your life seem 'normal'.

Well, let me tell you this, don't be 'normal'. Be you.

When I first got engaged, me and my partner, Orie, couldn't think of anything worse than inviting huge crowds of people to watch such an intimate moment. Then we stumbled across elopements and had that light-bulb moment.

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Meet your photographer & Guide

I'll help guide you on this journey to elope. We'll dream big, harness the power of creativity, and make things happen!

I value the small things in life; the kindness of a stranger, the golden sunrise on the first crisp morning of Autumn, and playing silly games with my 2 year-old twin girls, Eisa and Reina.

I'm also no stranger to change and love to jump outside of my comfort zone. When someone says 'You can't do that', my first response is, 'Watch me'.

I feel most at peace in nature, when meeting new people, and exploring incredible landscapes, which is why I love what I do!

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Think we'll be a good fit?

Get in touch and let me help you plan a meaningful elopement adventure.

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