A bit about my story

in field with baby carrier

Getting my first set of rollerblades for Christmas when I was 4 and falling flat on my face. Getting stuck in mud up to my waist and having to explain it to my Mam. Playing the guitar until my fingers bled. Leaving the UK to study in America and learning to be an adult. Seeing the love of my life behind the checkout for the first time. Marrying her. Joining the Army and sleep deprivation! Spending 12 hours digging a hole in the pouring rain to sleep in. Getting injured and leaving. Losing my Dad. Inheriting his camera and not knowing how to turn it on. Discovering a passion. Holding my newborn twins and understanding what people mean when they say 'You'll never love anything more than your own kids'.

Memories are what make us

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Some stuff you need to know about me

I actually have a degree

I'm obsessed with:

In Engl;ish Literature

Anywhere that feels like the wilderness

My favorite person is

my favourite book is

photographer holding baby

My Partner, Orie!

The Great Gatsby

my favourite place is

I’m addicted to

Cups of tea and bourbon biscuits

Isle of Skye - seriously, go if you haven't been!

I relax by

My perfect hobby

Sipping on a glass of red wine with Pink Floy on my record player.

Rock Climbing