Two men are walking through a glen in Scotland holding hands. They are walking towards the mountains and looking at each other as the golden sunset peaks over the horizon.

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Top 5 Reasons to elope in 2023

Updated 21st November, 2023

Thinking of eloping, but not sure if it's for you?


Updated: 21st November, 2023

Reasons to elope from real couples

Are you thinking of eloping? Perhaps you’re not sure if an elopement is right for you. That’s ok! I’ve written this blog post just for you.

As an elopement photographer (and someone who’s currently planning their own elopement), I’ve spoken to so many couples about why they chose to elope. I’ve narrowed it down to 5 main reasons.

Remember this: It’s okay to want a ‘traditional’ wedding, but it’s also okay not to.

Man and woman are facing each other and hugging. They are in a glen in Scotland and there are mountains behind them in the distance. The woman is wearing a white wedding dress and veil. The man is wearing a black suit.

REASON #1 - You Want an Intimate and Authentic Experience

Elopements, above all else, are focussed on you and your partner - that’s it. Thinking about why you should elope allows you to forgo the expectations of a traditional wedding day, the pressure (and often anxiety), and have an experience which is true to you and your values in every way.

Couples who elope generally can’t see themselves having a ‘traditional’ wedding and may feel uncomfortable trying to fit themselves into a traditional mould. However, eloping grants you the creative freedom and will to decide how you want to commit yourselves to one another in a way that makes sense for you.

Authenticity is another huge driver for couples wanting to have an elopement. Can you see yourself spending hours deciding on which table-top design to have when you’re not really that into having one in the first place? Why not think about allocating your precious time to planning for the things which really have meaning to you?

Whatever it is you decide to do, choose something that’s authentically you.

Man and woman are stood in long grass and ferns. The woman is wearing a white wedding dress and a flower crown. The man is wearing a navy blue suit. There are tall mountains behind them.

REASON #2 - They're Less Stressful

Let’s get straight to the point - there’s a lot to consider when planning a wedding, right? It’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed and like you don’t know where to start. Some things you’re likely thinking are:

Who should I invite to the ceremony? Who should sit where to avoid any dramas? Do I buy my bridesmaids gifts? If so, what do I buy? How many courses do we have? How much is it per person?!? How much alcohol do we buy? Do we allow people to include a plus 1? Which date do we choose so that everyone can come? Why is there so much to think about?

The list goes on…

Now for some, thinking about why you should elope is exciting and they can’t wait to get started! However, I’ve also spoken to couples who’ve planned their wedding for over a year and still feel like they rushed to get things ready for the day.

Your wedding day is the day you set the course for your married life together and you deserve to enjoy every minute of it.

Planning an elopement can take a while if you’re hoping to take a big trip and combine your elopement with a honeymoon. However, they require significantly less time to plan and, what’s more, you’ll be spending your time researching the things which truly matter to you.

Man is hugging and picking up a woman who is wearing a white wedding dress. He is wearing a brown suit. They are on a hillside surrounded by mist, mountains, and dark clouds.

REASON #3 - You Want an Adventure and to Explore Somewhere New

Traditionally, the meaning of an elopement referred to a couple who ran away in secret and got married in the spur of the moment, without telling family or friends. Of course, people still do this, but nowadays elopements can be a much more considered affair.

One of the huge attractions of an elopement is the thrill of adventure and the desire to explore. They really speak to people who value experiences over material items.

The beauty of an elopement is that it can be as adventurous or as laid-back as you’d like. The one rule is that there really aren’t any rules! In fact, you don’t even need to give up the traditional parts of a wedding day. You can still be dressed to the nines in your white wedding gown and tux, whilst having your first dance and eating your wedding cake - you just get to make that happen anywhere you’d like.

Man and woman hugging wearing wedding outfits surrounded by snow-capped mountains in the distance.

REASON #4 - You Don't Want to be the Centre of Attention

Are you worried about having everyone’s eyes on you, being obligated to speak to each guest, or feeling the pressure to stand up in front of everyone and deliver a speech? I feel your pain.

A lot of couples say social anxiety and the pressure to ‘perform’ made them decide to elope. Eloping means you don’t need to have everyones eyes on you, meaning you’re free to be yourself; everyone has an image in their mind of how they see themselves and for some, that doesn’t include having a traditional wedding day. And that’s OK.

Do you see yourself as someone who’d prefer to have a cosy candlelit meal for two rather than hosting a big family meal? Or perhaps you’d prefer to relax and read a book with the record player on rather than have a first dance in front of 80+ people? If parts of a traditional wedding day fill you with dread, then eloping might be the best way for you to marry.

Eloping also means you can write your vows knowing only a select few people will hear them; you can be heartfelt, honest, and vulnerable. There isn’t any need to feel embarrassed or fearful of pouring your heart out in front of a large audience.

You won’t be judged. You’ll just be you.

Man and woman are laughing. They are stood on a hillside and are both wearing wedding clothes. There is a small black dog stood beside them. There are mountains and mist in the distance.

REASON #5 - You'll Have Amazing Elopement Photography!

Traditional wedding days can be epic celebrations of love amongst friends and family. However, this also means that there’s so much to photograph! By the time the couples portraits come around, you’ll likely be out with the photographer for 30 minutes in the grounds of your venue and may feel like you need to hurry yourself back to the party to greet guests.

Couples who elope want something different. What they want, above all else, is photographs which showcase their relationship in a way which is deep and meaningful. What better way to get to the heart of you as a couple than by being unconstrained by time and by just focussing on your story? An elopement means a very small wedding team who give their entire time to just the two of you.

You’ll have a set of images which not only beautifully showcase you as a couple, but which get at the raw emotion you feel for one another. They’ll be images which you look back on and long to be catapulted back to the day itself.

Man and woman are stood in a small woodland surrounded by gnarly trees. The woman is wearing a white wedding dress and the man is wearing a wedding suit. They are hugging and have their eyes closed.

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Are you thinking of eloping? Whether it's the Scottish Highlands, the beautiful black sand beaches of Iceland, or the dramatic cliffs of the Faroe Islands, I'd love to chat and help make it happen. Get in touch below.


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