Man and woman wearing wedding clothes stood on a grassy hill facing each other and holding hands, surrounded by mountains.

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Choosing to Elope will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Whether you’re thinking of hiking to an epic remote viewpoint whilst the world sleeps or escaping to an ancient forest as the rain ricochets off the canopy, do what feels honest and true for you.

Together, we’ll plan a day which is authentic and meaningful. You’ll leave with your hearts full of love, your souls nourished, and memories you’ll savour forever.

Your photographs will serve as reminders of how your day felt: the wind racing through your hair, the tight grip of your partner's hand, the deep connection you've got, who you are, really.

Is the thought of planning a big wedding filling you with dread? I get it. Since when did the sacred act of two people committing themselves to each other become such a large-scale production?

If seating charts, table-top designs, the never-ending guest list, and all the other ‘stuff’ makes you feel overwhelmed, I’ll let you in on a little secret: It doesn’t need to be this way.

You can have a day that's wholly and unapologetically you - no stress, no pressure, and no drama. Just the two of you, wrapped up in a world of your own in a place where you feel safe to be yourselves.

Maybe you've decided a big wedding just isn't for you

well, you're in the right place

I'm here to help guide you on a journey to a truly unique and meaningful elopement.

Woman touching man's face as he smiles . They are both wearing wedding outfits.

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Elopements & Intimate Weddings

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Get in touch for full package and pricing options

More than 80% of brides have regrets about their wedding day

Let's plan yours with intentional moments that capture the raw beauty of your relationship

Man kissing woman's head wearing wedding clothes. THe wind is blowing their hair and they are surrounded by green hills.

You don't do this every day and have no idea what happens next, right?

Don't worry - I've got you covered


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Have the adventure of a lifetime

Woman wearing a dirty wedding dress is walking through a grassy field. The wind is blowing her dress and there are storm clouds overhead.
Man and woman hugging each other wearing wedding outfits. They are stood on a cliff edge at sunset.
Woman wearing a large white wedding dress is hugging a man stood on a grassy hill surrounded by dark clouds and mountains.

Let me know about your plans and visions for your day. And don't worry if it's all a bit vague at this stage - we'll work on it.

We'll chat lots before your elopement, so you know everything's in place. Now, you can rock up on your elopement and have an incredible day!


Receive your highlight gallery and full gallery

Man and woman wearing wedding outfits holding hands and walking through a glen on the Isle of Skye at sunset.

I'll send you a sneak-peak highlight gallery within 72 hours, followed by your fully-edited gallery within 6-8 weeks. This is a great way to re-live the emotion of your day and invite friends and family to see the incredible adventure you've been on.

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"You just made it so effortless"

"You are so god damn talented David! But even more than that, the sheer love, passion, and effort you put into your photography oozes out of every photo you take! Despite hating having my picture taken, you made me feel so relaxed and at ease and you just made it effortless. I can't thank you enough!"

- Shaadeh & Chris -

Couple wearing wedding outfits sat on an old fallen tree hugging each other.

Are you ready to ditch tradition and elope?

Get in touch and let's plan an amazing, stress-free adventure full of purpose and meaning

Man and woman walking holding hands surrounded by mountains on a stormy day in Scotland.

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